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Agrolings are manufacturers of exceptional wooden cold-pressed oil. The foundation stone of Agrolings got laid on 1 January 2018 with manufacturing units located at Pallikaranai, Chennai, and Veppur, Kallakurichi. When our little league of professional masterminds dreamed of a vision to offer a hale and healthy world for our fellow earthlings, Agrolings was born. It all started when we stood before a recurring question in the mind of everyone. Why the grand-old cold-pressed oil when these flashy refined oils are a lot cheaper? Standing in the shoes of a customer, we carefully researched and realized what the real question should be. What makes these edible products extremely inexpensive when its price tag should honestly be 500 times its rate? We, hence, pledged ourselves to bring about the revolution in the minds of the consumers. To make people see the significance, we took them back to our traditionally safe handmade edibles and groceries. We began by delivering groceries from authentic cold-pressed oil to natural sweeteners to provide our customers with the goodness of standard products.


Our Journey


Initial founding of Agrolings in Pallikaranai, Chennai. We started by making three variants of Theerthaa cold-pressed oil, such as cold-pressed coconut oil, groundnut oil, Sesame oil with Palm Jaggery, and Sesame oil with Cane Jaggery. All these products are healthy alternatives to refined oil, making it the ideal choice for our customers. We are in immense pleasure to share that we have more than 8000 customers for our Theerthaa cold-pressed oils in Pallikaranai, Chennai itself.


Agrolings introduced, Sweetit Cane-Jaggery Palm Powder, a legit natural sweetener as a healthy replacement to sugar. It protects you from all the diseases caused by white sugar in addition to being a detox. We introduced Eco-friendly packaging, and manufacturing processes to add value to our service.


Agrolings extended its accessibility to the rest of the Chennai city through the expansion of retail outlets. Currently, we offer Pan India Delivery to all our products. The way we live our early life decides how we live the rest of our life. Invest in beneficial food habit to lay a foundation for a healthy future. We present you with cold-pressed oils to delicious home-made eatables that can transform your life. Join us with our mission to make this earth a better place for our future generations to live in, with the range of products we offer you. We can humbly say we provide the trusted democracy amongst all other companies because we care about our customers as our own.Theerthaa's cold pressed oil collection includes Wood pressed Gingelly Marachekku oil, Groundnut Mara Chekku oil and Coconut Marachekku oil

Industrial oil extraction process

Whereas, the modern method of oil extraction involves generating a lot of heat. The seed is first crushed, and the pulp is heated upto 230 degree centigrade under pressure to extract almost all the oil of the seed which may generate Carcinogenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. Solvents such as hexane is added for optimum extraction of oil. Such high temperatures alters the properties of the oil and shreds off its nutritional value. In addition, preservatives are added to increase the shelf life of the oils that has gone through such a vigorous process of extraction.

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Our Advantages


fssai approved

FssaiProduction plant reviewed and approved by FSSAI agents to ensure a good quality of product delivered to customer.



Good Source of Anti-oxidants , Omega-3 & Omega-6


Cholesterol free

No Transfat & Saturated Fat.


Free from preservatives

We do not use any preservatives in any of our Cold Pressed Chekku Oil