Health Basket Millet Fenugreek leaves Chapati mix made from fresh earthy wheat and fresh fenugreek leaves, additionally, with added millet to serve some extra flavor. It's a sugar-free mix suitable for everybody. Fenugreek herb benefits your health and well-being. The ingredients included in the mix are Kambu, Corn, Ragi, Varagu, Thinai, Fenugreek leaves, Black Pepper, Elachi, Flax seeds, Himalayan Salt, and Jaggery.

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Manufacturing year: 2022
Brand: Theerthaa

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Mix the Health Basket Millet Chapati flour with a sufficient amount of water and set aside for 10 - 20 Minutes.

Divide the dough into a small ball. Roll them with flour into a thin chapati.

Heat the pan. Add few drops of oil. Cook it until golden brown.

Delicious and healthy Health Basket millet Chapati is now ready to serve with your favorite dish.

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